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    fisherLEON FISHER
Transportation Supervisor
Phone: 903-927-8753
Marshall ISD offers the privilege of bus transportation for all eligible students. Eligibility is determined by application of Board policy. We believe that our bus service enhances the learning experience of each student.

Every effort will be made to provide safe, comfortable and pleasant transportation service, while maintaining appropriate levels of efficiency.

Effective transportation service requires cooperation among bus drivers and staff, school administrators, students and parents or guardians. We will not allow any person (adult or student) to stop the District from providing a safe, comfortable and pleasant ride.

Transportation rules and procedures are provided so you can be familiar with our expectations and the transportation procedures.

Like several districts, Marshall ISD has experienced significant difficulty in attracting, hiring and retaining long-term, full bus drivers resulting in an acute shortage of available drivers. MISD also has experienced a significant amount of absenteeism which materially disrupts the flow of students and the conduct of classes and school activities.

To meet these challenges, the District has adopted a One-Time Recruitment and Attendance Incentive Plan for the MISD Transportation Department. To allow for the District to hire qualified, full-time drivers, MISD offers a one-time incentive to eligible applicants as described below.


New, full-time Transportation Department bus drivers are eligible for the hiring incentive.

• This incentive is available only to full-time drivers, not to part-time drivers. Full-time drivers are those who are assigned to drive at least a complete AM and PM route per day.

• Currently employed full-time Transportation Department drivers are NOT eligible for the hiring incentive.

• To be eligible, an applicant for a full-time bus driver position must possess a valid Texas Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

• Drivers who resign, are suspended, terminated, or who are removed for any reason from driving full-time routes during the school year are ineligible to receive an incentive payment.

• The eligibility for all incentive payments covered by this plan is contingent upon the employee maintaining his or her full-time employment in the District’s Transportation Department, maintaining his or her full-time assigned transportation work schedule through the effective date established by the Superintendent of Schools and maintaining satisfactory job performance.

• This plan is in effect from the date of its approval and authorization by the Board of Trustees until it is cancelled in writing by the Superintendent of Schools.

• Any bus driver currently employed by the District who resigns, abandons employment, or is terminated will not be eligible for this or any subsequently offered incentive plan for a period of three (3) full calendar years after leaving employment of the District as a bus driver.


• Eligible, qualified full-time drivers who are accepted by the District for this incentive will receive a one-time sign-on payment of six hundred dollars and no/100 cents ($600.00), payable with their regular December paycheck the year in which they are hired.

• Eligible, qualified full-time drivers who complete the school year and who return to full-time bus driving duty and assignment with the District for the 2017-2018 school year will receive a final one-time payment of six hundred dollars and no/100 cents ($600.00), payable with their regular September paycheck in the subsequent year.


To allow the District to improve attendance at work for eligible full-time bus drivers, the District offers the following one-time incentive to eligible employees:

• Any eligible full-time bus driver employed by the District, whether currently employed or hired after the adoption of this plan, shall receive an incentive payment for perfect attendance at work as assigned for one (1) full school year in the amount of seven hundred fifty dollars and no/100 cents ($750.00), payable on their regular June paycheck.

• Eligible full-time drivers who have only one (1) absence from work as assigned for one (1) full school year shall receive a one (1) time payment of two hundred fifty dollars and no/100 cents ($250.00), payable on their regular June paycheck.

NOTE: All bus drivers employed by the District are employed an on an “at-will” basis. Nothing contained in this plan is intended to or does create a contract of employment or any expectation of or property interest in continued employment with the District. The district reserves the authority and option to cancel all or any part of the incentives at any time, effective at the end of the school year.

This plan was approved by the Marshall ISD Board of Trustees on Jan. 17, 2017.