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MJHS STUDENT COUNCIL#MavsRaiseTheStandard - MJHS Student Council

The Marshall Junior High School Student Council is an organization committed to the betterment of MJHS, its students and community through student leadership. Under the leadership of sponsor Jasmine Johnson, the 2017-2018 MJHS Student Council has proven to be a leader with the transition to a new campus as well as continuing to serve both fellow students and the Marshall community with various outreach projects and activities, which have included:

  • Carol Ann Williams represented MJHS Student Council at the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) State Steering Retreat where she helped determine the state theme for the year. She was one of four middle level (6-8 grade) attendees from across the state.
  • Ten (10) MJHS Student Council members attended the TASC Summer Leadership Workshop at Austin College in Sherman. Five members were elected as officers of the camp councils. Daniela Contreras, Curliyah Jefferson, and Regan Zeno were elected Secretary. McKenzie Epps was elected decorations chair. Carol Ann Williams was the only incoming seventh-grader elected Workshop Council President.
  • Student Council helped pack up the old junior high and prepare for the move to our new school. They also helped set up the new school by moving equipment, shelving books in the library, helping teachers prepare, and serving as tour guides at various MJHS opening events.
  • Twelve (12) members of MJHS Student Council received CPR training in August.
  • Every staff member received a "Kindness Rock" decorated by MJHS Student Council and a Post-It Note Clipboard on the first day of school.
  • Student Council served dinner at the MJHS AVID Contract signing ceremony in October.
  • Student Council teamed with National Junior Honor Society to create a float for the annual Fireant Festival Parade. Student Council also had a booth at the festival selling "Kindness Rocks" and Post-it Note Clipboards.
  • On October 16, Student Council attended the District 4/19 Fall Forum in Kilgore.
  • The Marshall Junior High homecoming dance, "There's No Place Like MJHS," was sponsored by Student Council.
  • On Nov. 9-11, along with members of National Junior Honor Society, MJHS Student Council attended the TASC Middle Level Conference in San Marcos. MJHS Student Council presented two break-out sessions about Teacher Appreciation. Jasmine Johnson, MJHS Student Council Advisor, attended her last TASC Board Meeting as an Elected Advisor to the Board and she was recognized as the 2017 Middle Level Student Council Advisor of the Year. MJHS was also chosen to host the TASC Middle Level Conference in November of 2018.
  • MJHS Student Council teamed up again with NJHS to participate in the Wonderland of Lights Christmas Parade.
  • Student Council served as volunteers at the Wonderland of Lights Santa's Village.
  • On Dec. 16-22, Student Council presented the "5 Days of Christmas": every teacher received a Christmas gift from StuCo each day. Gifts included Melted Snowmen and handwritten Christmas cards.
  • Student Council participated in Human Trafficking Awareness Day and asked students and staff to wear blue shirts.
  • On Feb. 16, Student Council sponsored the MJHS Mardi Gras Dance.
  • In March, Student Council was recognized as a "Sweepstakes" Council for the ninth time in the last 10 years. Sweepstakes Council received recognition in all four of the TASC categories of DASH (Drugs and Alcohol, Safety and Heath), Energy and Environment, Pride and Patriotism, and Community Service as well as being recognized as an "Outstanding" Student Council.
  • Officers were elected for the 2018-219 school year: Carol Ann Williams, President; Bailey Glanton, Vice President; Lundy Dutton, Secretary; Keyasia Williams, Parliamentarian; and Kimberly Gaspar, Historian.
  • On April 19, Student Council hosted the District 4/19 Spring Forum at UT Tyler. The forum was attended approximately 200 middle school students from 10 different school districts. Students listened to a presentation by UT Tyler Admissions Department, received a campus tour, and had lunch in the cafeteria before a presentation by Rahab’s Retreat in Kilgore. Prior to the campus tour, MJHS StuCo, acting as the District President, led the district in a business meeting in which MJHS was once again elected District 4/19 President School.

#MavUp for our 2017-2018 MJHS Student Council!

A Student Council is a group of elected and volunteer students working together with an adult advisor within the framework of a constitution or bylaws to provide a means for student expression and assistance in school affairs and activities, give opportunities for student experience in leadership and encourage student / faculty / community relations.

Through projects and activities, student councils work to:

  • By supporting and further developing democracy as a way of life
  • By involving students in meaningful, purpose-oriented activities
  • By helping each student develop a sincere regard for law and order appropriate to this democratic society
  • By leading each individual in developing a sense of personal responsibility and earned self respect
  •By example through teaching the processes and procedures of a democracy
  • By encouraging desirable attitudes and the continuous upward development of valued patterns of good citizenship
  • By providing a forum for student opinions, interests and desires so these may be understood by the entire student body, faculty, administration and community
  • By honestly reflecting and interpreting the student viewpoint

  • By contributing to the total educational growth of all students in the school
  • By encouraging highest standards of scholarship and positive student involvement in learning and thinking
  • By providing experience in genuine problem-solving procedures
  • By providing training and experiences in the skills and techniques of good citizenship and leadership to prepare articulate citizens and leaders for a progressing society

  • By providing young people with the power and right to speak and, especially, the power, right and privilege of being heard by those in authority
  • By avoiding the commercial or cultural exploitation of students
  • By providing coordination of school-sponsored student activities with constant evaluation in terms of the selected purposes
  • By promoting opportunities for leadership among student body members
  • By utilizing the ideas and support of students in solving relevant school problems

  • By helping create harmonious relationships among faculty, administration, student body and the community
  • By providing organized services to the school in the interest of the general welfare
  • By communicating purposes, activities and the other positive elements of school life through mass media to the entire community
  • By helping young people further realize the genius and dignity of each individual

  • By sparking school loyalty, pride, patriotism and individual student development
  • By providing real experiences in group development and human understandings
  • By helping students earn and protect individual rights and responsibilities
  • By selecting projects and activities which seek to achieve purposes which are significant in the life of the school community
  • By giving young people deeper reasons for attending school and the stimulus for developing commitments to worthy goals
  • By helping each student reach maximum educational growth and development