Little Mav Academy Open House

Open House Highlights Little Mav Academy
Posted on 09/27/2018
This is the image for the news article titled Open House Highlights Little Mav AcademyMarshall ISD employees and eligible students were provided an opportunity to learn more about the district’s new “Little Mav Academy” daycare during a special Open House Tuesday evening.

Little Mav Academy opened this year for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5-years of MISD employees and children of current MISD students. As of Monday, the facility was serving 14 students with expectations for more growth in the near future. Little Mav Academy is located in the “new” wing of the old South Marshall Elementary School on Meadows Street.

The daycare/preschool is only for children of MISD employees, and for children of current MISD students. MISD Superintendent Dr. Jerry Gibson and a team of administrators developed the idea for a special daycare for district employees and students with children last spring and the facility officially opened as a licensed daycare facility this fall.

“It was a great evening to show off our new Little Mav Academy and all it has to offer our employees and our students with children,” said Gibson. “This is a dream realized for a lot of people. We are committed to a quality preschool education for students in Marshall ISD, both at Washington Early Childhood Center and here at Little Mav Academy.”

Little Mav Academy is a licensed facility that follows regulations established by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. LMA is a part of MISD and operates in accordance with the MISD calendar. The monthly cost is nominal for employees of the district in comparison to similar facilities, and the service is free for children of MISD students. Another attraction is that there are no fees charged for when the district is closed and employees are on holiday breaks.

“Our goal was never to make this about money,” Dr. Gibson said. “We hope to eventually break even but the true benefit of Little Mav Academy is to provide a service to our employees for their daycare needs as well as to provide an opportunity for our students with children to have a place their child can go while they are in school.”

District administrators, along with Katherine Bell, Little Mav Academy director, and her staff, greeted MISD employees at Tuesday’s Open House. Staff includes Christina Leffall, who serves as Assistant Director/Infants; Bailey Allwhite (all ages); Laverne Russell (4-year olds) and Amber Threadgill (1-2 year-olds).

“We believe that a balance of a structured learning environment, coupled with play and discovery, are the best learning methods for early childhood practices,” said Bell. “We value our roles as early childhood educators and understand that it is our position to touch and inspire the lives of children and their family members as well as the community we serve.”

Goals at Little Mav Academy include “to provide a safe, loving and supportive environment with predictable routines in which children can grow socially, emotionally, academically and physically,” and “to support our parents as their child’s first and most important teacher and to support the community in which we live by being an advocate for quality early childhood education.”

The daily schedule for students at Little Mav Academy begins when they are dropped off between 7 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. The children each get a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack sandwiched around learning activities such as “Read Aloud,” “Station Rotations,” “Dramatic Play,” “Art,” “Gross Motor,” and “STEM/Blocks.” There are also morning and afternoon play times as well before their day ends between 4:30 – 5:00, according to their parents’ district schedule.


“My daughters both began attending Little Mav Academy this August. At the ages of five years and two months, they are currently the oldest and youngest children enrolled. We enrolled in Little Mav Academy because of our connection to one of the employees. Over the past few weeks, each staff member has become an important part to both of our daughters’ daily lives. Handing our infant off on the first day was a breeze because I knew she would be loved and cared for like she was their own. Our five year old has fallen in love with her “new school” and never fails to come home with a new story to tell. We cannot say enough about the care our daughters receive at Little Mav Academy. It is truly a great place to be.” – Kelsey Wigington

“We are loving our experience at Little Mav Academy. My son is learning more here than my other son in another district enrolled in Pre-K. Miss LaVerne is a welcoming smile every morning. The staff has been awesome and I look forward to the rest of a great year.” – Sharonda Frazier

“When I have to leave my daughter to go to work I feel confident she is well taken care of. The staff at Little Mav Academy has been very flexible, catering to the needs of the kids. They are always cheerful and affectionate. I love picking up my daughter and seeing how happy she is and looking at the things they worked on. This has been a blessing.” – Carlina Carreno

“We've had a great experience at The Little Mav Academy, my daughter has learned so much ranging from being completely potty-trained to being more independent. Every morning she is excited to go to school, which means so much to me as a parent. The staff is wonderful and their communication with parents is also great. I always appreciate knowing what is going on and their constant care and updates regarding my daughter. Overall I'm very glad that my daughter is surrounded by love and is brought up in such a positive and fun environment. I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend for parents looking for a safe, fun and great childcare for their kids.” – Mirella Diosdado

“My son has attended Little Mav Academy since August 14, 2018. His learning skills have grown rapidly in the month he has been in the day school. We've had a great experience at The Little Mav Academy, he has learned so much. Every morning he is excited to go to school, which means so much to me as a parent. The staff is wonderful and their communication with parents is also great. I always appreciate knowing what is going on. They receive homework Monday through Thursday as well as assignments to practice spelling his name. I would recommend for any parent looking for a safe, fun and great childcare for their kids. Little Mav Academy is a great place to be!” – Nelisa Ramires

“When I first accepted my teaching position at Marshall ISD I must admit that I was a little nervous, to think that my baby was about to turn one in a few weeks and I was going to have to put him in daycare for the first time. Was I hesitant about sending him to a daycare that had never been opened before, YES! My first interaction when dropping off my final paper work put my mind at ease a little, Mrs. Bell was very kind and you could tell that she is very passionate about working with the babies. Mrs. Bell walked me around the campus and showed me the room my son would be in, when I meet his teacher I thought to myself a familiar face, I knew the lady I would be trusting to work with my son, this won’t be so bad after all was my final thought. My son has been going to this daycare since the second week that they opened, he does not cry when I drop him off, and he is very happy when I pick him up. The ladies that work here really have a heart for growing their little minds. I appreciate them for their hard work. Even though my baby is not at the age to actually be able to do work, they are always sending home activities that they have done to expose him to authentic learning. I would recommend this daycare to anyone that has the opportunity to bring their kids here.” – Shemyia Taylor

“I feel that Little Mav Academy has been a huge blessing to my family. We transferred into the District after school had started and it is wonderful to know that my son has a great “home” to come to each day while I am at work. Before we transferred he was having a rough time with the Head Start program in our home District due to the change of daily routine and large class size, so I was thankful that I did have Little Mav Academy as an option here at Marshall ISD. Not only does it relax his anxiety he was struggling with before the move, but gives him the more one-on-one focus he needs to thrive and stay out of trouble. I was also worried before learning about Little Mav Academy due to my start time at the high school being before I would have been able to drop him off had I placed him in the Head Start/Pre K program. This going into our 4th week of being at Marshall ISD has greatly helped my family by having the Little Mav Academy by knowing that my son is in a wonderful learning environment that he is thriving in. Thank you Little Mav Academy!” – Leah Cox

MISD employees and eligible students who are interested in finding out more about Little Mav Academy may contact LMA at 903-702-7655.