Media Policy & Guidelines

Marshall ISD strives to maintain an open, transparent communication with all of its stakeholders, including local news media. Media outlets serve as a major source of communication about MISD activities and play a critical role in forming community opinion.

District representatives are expected to interact with media in a professional manner that represents District interest and values, and which maintains our accountability to the public. This policy is designed to ensure our students and staff safety and privacy and to minimize interruptions during the school day, while also working with the media to provide open and transparent opportunities for interaction and cooperation.

Marshall ISD's media policy operates under the following general guidelines:

• All media requests and inquiries regarding any campus, program, personnel or student in Marshall ISD are to be directed initially to the District Communications Office, located in the Administration Building at 1305 East Pinecrest Drive in Marshall; via telephone at (903) 927-8727, or via e-mail at If the request is approved, a reporter will be directed to the proper person in an effort to cooperate and fill the request.

• The MISD Director of Communications is a designated spokesperson for the District. The Director of Communications will work with media to set up interviews with appropriate district personnel upon receiving media requests in a timely manner with regards to media deadlines, but ultimately according to the schedules of district personnel.

• District personnel are instructed to not address media inquiries of any kind without first receiving approval from the Director of Communications. Any direct action to contact District personnel without prior authorization will be considered a violation of District media policy and may affect future requests.

• News cameras and video will not be allowed in campus buildings or on school property unless prior approval has been made through the Director of Communications.

• The District requests that when possible, all face-to-face interviews be recorded by the media, either via camera or tape recorder. The District reserves the right to refuse any interview that is not voice-recorded.

• The District also reserves the right to request questions and interviews be submitted via e-mail to the Director of Communications in an effort to ensure accuracy of reporting. The District reserves the right to refuse any interview request that does not include e-mail questions and responses upon the District's request.

Prior to any media visit, appropriate time must be given to District administrators to verify student privacy preferences and provide appropriate notification to the campus and building administrators.

Marshall ISD strictly enforces and follows student privacy preferences and release of student information as outlined in the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines.

Official spokespeople for the District are the Superintendent of Schools and the Director of Communications.

Any violation of the guidelines listed above in this policy will affect future media requests.

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