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REOPENING PLAN PowerPoint (English)
REOPENING PLAN PowerPoint (Spanish)

Marshall ISD campuses will begin the 2020-2021 school year with face-to-face instruction in our schools on Thursday, Aug. 13. Parents will also have the option of choosing an online-only instructional plan for their child. If you have any questions related to the reopening of our schools, please email to All questions will be compiled into a FAQ that will be updated and linked on this web page.


Students will be provided instruction (face-to-face on campus OR virtual learning) based on parent’s choice.

A student must remain in the chosen learning environment for a complete grading period. (Unless refusal to follow face mask guidelines)

In-person students will receive blended instruction (some direct instruction by the teacher and some online instruction by our learning platforms Frog Street-Pre-K, Edgenuity-K-12, and Vizzle Pre-K-12 Special Education Supplement). This blended model will be implemented in case there is a break in in-person school, when students will already be equipped with the online learning platform, and there will not be a break with their learning regardless of what the year holds.


• Regular school options with 5 days of in-person instruction and support.
• The blended learning model will be provided to equip students with online and face-to-face state aligned instructional skills.
• Safety protocols will be followed in an effort to keep students and staff safe
• Extracurricular opportunities available


• Online learning opportunity with state aligned curriculum through Edgenuity for students in K-12; Frog Street for Pre-K; Vizzle Pre-K-12 Special Education Supplement.
• Online instruction and support will be provided
• Daily attendance and participation required at scheduled times
• Students must have access to technology
• Internet Hot Spots will be provided at designated locations
• Virtual Learners will not be permitted on a campus at anytime.
• Extracurricular opportunities WILL NOT be available to students choosing virtual learning.
• Students who select the virtual learning option will be required to complete so many hours a day of online work per class to receive daily attendance credit per Edgenuity (K-12); Frog Street (Pre-K)' and Vizzle Pre-K-12 Special Education Supplement.
• Students who attend virtually will be required to follow their schedules just as though they were in person and a teacher will provide instruction.
• Students will receive grades like in-person students.
• Parents will be notified that they are responsible for technology.
• Arrangements will be made for any students that must complete CTE hours.
• Staff members that need an individual safety plan (assigned by a doctor) will work with virtual students so they can be exposed to less students.
• Virtual students will be required to dress appropriately.


• MISD will begin registration on July 21, 2020, and will end at the close of the day on July 31, 2020. We ask you to consider registering as soon as possible so that the district can best prepare for face-to-face instruction. Anyone not registered by the July 31 deadline will be assigned face-to-face instruction.

VIRTUAL LEARNING FOR ALL (in event of temporary school closure)

• Online learning opportunity with state aligned curriculum through Edgenuity for students in K-12; Frog Street for Pre-K; and Vizzle Pre-K-12 Special Education Supplement.
• Online instruction and support will be provided
• Daily attendance and participation required at scheduled times
• Students MUST have access to technology
• Internet Hot Spots will be provided at designated campuses
• Extracurricular activities will be cancelled


Medically Fragile students whose parents opt for virtual learning will receive recorded videos of teachers teaching via google classroom and have online instructional time.
• Will follow same plan as virtual students
• OT/PT/Speech will be provided virtually with some embedded Google Classroom support.


Homebound students will receive a combination of virtual and face-to-face instruction.
• Virtual support working with parents/caregivers and in home face-to-face support
• Task boxes will be provided to support instruction.
• OT/PT/Speech services will be provided virtually/face-to-face



• Maximum of 30 students on a bus.
• Students must wear mask on the bus at all times.
• Bus drivers or assigned employee will take temperature of students before entering the bus. If a student’s temperature is 100.0 or above or has shown other signs of illness, they will not be admitted on the bus.
• Drivers will wear protective face shields.
• Hand sanitizer will be given as students enter the bus.
• Members of the same household must sit in the same seat or adjacent seats, with an empty seat between household groups.
• Bus drivers will sanitize seats after each route with sanitizing wipes.
• Buses will be sanitized with the Victory Sanitizing Sprayer nightly.


• Teachers and staff will be required to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to reporting to work each day. This includes taking their own temperature. Employees must notify their supervisor if they have symptoms or are lab confirmed. If so, they must remain off campus until they meet re-entry criteria.
• Bus riders will be allowed to enter a building, using a designated entrance, immediately upon arrival. NOTE - Screened prior to bus entry.
• Students will have their temperature checked upon arrival at campus. NOTE - This practice will be re-evaluated weekly.
• If there are multiple students in a vehicle and one is running a fever 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or above, then each student in the vehicle will not be permitted to enter.
Students turned away will receive information on re-entry protocol.


• In accordance with Executive Order of the Governor of Texas, ALL employees and students will be required to wear a face covering.
   · Elementary teachers and students will wear protective face shields (one will be provided by Marshall ISD and will remain on campus)
   · Secondary teachers and students will be required to wear masks
• Removal of unused desks and furniture in classrooms to maximize physical distance and minimize objects that must be sanitized
• Establish distance between the teachers’ desk/board and students’ desks
• Teachers maintain social distancing and teach from one location in the classroom when possible
• Classes will be sanitized multiple times daily.
• There will be no field trips or out of district trainings at this time. The only student travel that will be permitted is UIL sponsored activities.
• Elementary Campuses will conduct virtual “Meet the Teacher” nights.
• Secondary campuses will post schedules through Skyward the 1st week of August. No in person schedule pickup. If there is an error in a student’s schedule – contact counselor at appropriate campus.
• On the first day a student attends school, they will be provided instructions on appropriate hygiene practices and other mitigation practices.
• Campuses will create one-way hallways where possible and a staggered bell schedule so at no time will all students be in the hallways at one time.
• Each campus will develop an isolation room for students who show symptoms during the day and are awaiting parent pick-up.
• Facemasks- Schools are required to follow the Governor's Executive Order regarding wearing masks.
   · 1st offense – MISD supplies mask
   · 2nd offense – Student purchases mask
   · 3rd offense – Student is required to move to virtual instruction for the remainder of the grading period.


• Breakfast will be provided as a “grab and go” meal to eat in the student’s classroom.
• MECC/Elementary Campuses/MJH will have lunches delivered to each classroom by the cafeteria staff and paraprofessionals. Teachers will submit a lunch count to the cafeteria staff in the morning. The lunch schedules provide enough time for the cafeteria staff to roll lunches up on carts at the different grade level times.
• Meals will be made available to students who select virtual learning.
• MHS will add additional lunch times in an attempt to social distance.
• Students will be permitted to bring a sack lunch but only if they have it with them on arrival to school each morning. No food will be permitted to be brought or dropped off after the start of the school day.
• Bringing a lunch to a student from a meal establishment (i.e. fast food, etc.) will not be permitted. If a child arrives to school without a lunch - a lunch will be provided by the school.


• Visitors will be allowed on campus only in the case of an emergency
• Appointments will be required through the Campus Principal to enter a campus (with the exception of an emergency)
• Parent/Teacher Conferences will be conducted virtually
• Parents will not be allowed to eat with their children.
• MISD will not utilize volunteers until further notice.


Student or Staff Displaying COVID-19 Symptoms
• Any of the following symptoms could indicate a possible COVID-19 infection:
   · Temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when taken by mouth
   · Sore throat
   · New, uncontrolled cough that causes difficulty breathing (or, for students with a chronic allergic/asthmatic cough, a change in their cough from baseline)
   · Diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain
   · New onset of severe headache, especially with a fever

• When a student has displayed symptoms of COVID-19, the school nurse will provide a clinical assessment to determine if and when a student needs to be sent home.
• Students who are ill will be separated from their peers and should be picked up within 30 minutes and no later than 1 hour from the time the campus contacted the student’s parent/guardian.
• Other students will be removed from the classroom and taken to an alternate location on campus (e.g. go on a walk outside, move to a different classroom, etc.) so that the classroom can be disinfected.
• District communication will be provided to the parents of students who came in contact with a COVID-19 positive student or staff member.
• Staff members displaying COVID-19 symptoms will follow district protocols including isolation from students and other staff members.

If Someone Tests Positive
There are steps that MISD will take when a student or staff member has been identified as having COVID-19:
• Schools must notify all teachers, staff, and families of all students in a school if a lab confirmed case is identified among students, teachers or staff who participate in any on campus activities.
• The name of an individual who tests positive cannot and will not be made available to the general public.
• All students of the campus must receive written notification if a positive COVID-19 case is identified among teachers, staff, or students. For students, such written notification is to be provided to the parents or guardians of the students. The school district must also notify its local Health Department.
• Schools will close off areas used by a sick individual (student, teacher, or staff) until they can be disinfected.
• Plans are in place for both routine and "deep" cleaning.
• Ensure continuity of education for students/staff who are quarantined or isolated.
• Prepare plans for school closures (3-5 days) if the school environment is determined to be a source of ongoing COVID-19 spread (Determined by District Administration).


• At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared
• At least 24 hours fever free without the use of fever reducing medication
• The individual has improved in symptoms (e.g. Cough, Chills, Headache, etc.)
• If the individual has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and wants to return to school before completing the above stay-at-home period, the individual must either (a) obtain a medical professional’s note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis or (b) obtain an acute infection test at an approved testing location ( that comes back negative for COVID-19.


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