Maverick Gym

Maverick Gym at Marshall High School has served as the home of MHS Basketball and Volleyball programs since MHS opened in 1980 at its present location on Maverick Drive. A massive renovation of the facility began in 2018 with a complete redesign and renovation of the girls and boys locker rooms located in the athletic hallway on the north side of the gym. All locker rooms received new restroom and shower facilities, as well as new lockers and paint that have modernized both boys and girls dressing facilities. The Maverick Gym floor was replaced in the summer of 2020, and the gym itself was repainted. Replacement of the original bleacher seating was completed in December of 2020, as the old retractable, wood seating that has been in place since 1980 was removed for up-to-date seating that is highlighted in Maverick red. The new look is a flashy compliment to the original gymnasium that has served every student in some capacity at Marshall High School since its opening in 1980.

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maverick gym