Booster Club/Support Organizations


The University Interscholastic League (UIL) has developed guidelines for Booster Clubs that every district must follow. These guidelines apply to athletic, academic, and music boosters. Please review these guidelines so that you may best support your organization.

The UIL Guidelines state that "All school activities, organizations (including the booster club), events and personnel are under the jurisdiction of the superintendent. Booster clubs must recognize this authority and work within a framework prescribed by the school administration."

Brand Guide

Marshall ISD has developed a branding guide for the district and organizations to follow in order to remain consistent. The communications department must approve all shirt and product designs for school affiliated organizations before purchase. This includes booster clubs and support organizations. The communications department will be given seven business days from design submission to approve, disapprove, or correct a design.

This branding guide must be followed unless for a specific event, such as the Pink Out game.

Examples of things that could prevent your design from being approved:

  • Incorrect colors

  • Incorrect spelling

  • Inappropriate designs

  • Use of outdated logos

To have your designs approved or to request a specific logo, please email