Marshall ISD recognizes that the mastery of basic English language skills is a prerequisite to effective participation in the state's educational program. Therefore, in accordance with the Texas Education Code and the Texas Administrative Code, Marshall ISD provides Bilingual and English as a Second Language programs for students identified as limited English proficient in pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Coordination, collaboration, and articulation among all campus/district staff concerning the education of English Language Learners will ensure the following:

• Consistent implementation of the Bilingual Education/ESL program thereby gaining the understanding and active support of all segments of the community;

• Opportunities to develop students' confidence, self-assurance, and positive identity with their cultural heritage and the history of the United States;

• Opportunities for all personnel involved in the planning, development, and delivery of services to ELLs to be trained so that they have the knowledge that will enable them to offer the appropriate instruction and support; and

• Opportunities for all ELL parents to be involved in the educational development of their children and included in the decision-making processes affecting their children's education.

These are so that all MISD ELL students meet increasing state and national standards, graduate from high school under the Recommended of Distinguished state plans, select college or post-secondary educational advancement, and pursue lifetime work opportunities in a socially responsible manner.