Bully Reporting/Safety Concerns

Bullying is prohibited by the district and could include hazing, threats, taunting, teasing, confinement, assault, demands for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, name-calling, rumor-spreading, or ostracism.

If a student believes that they have experienced bullying or has witnessed bullying of another student, it is important for the student or parent to notify a teacher, school counselor, principal, or another district employee as soon as possible to obtain assistance and intervention. The administration will investigate any allegations of bullying or other related misconduct. The district will also provide notice to the parent of the alleged victim and the parent of the student alleged to have engaged in bullying. A student may anonymously report an alleged incident of bullying by reporting to our anonymous reporting form by clicking here.

If the results of an investigation indicate that bullying has occurred, the administration will take appropriate disciplinary action and may notify law enforcement in certain circumstances. Disciplinary or other action may be taken even if the conduct did not rise to the level of bullying. Available counseling options will be provided to these individuals, as well as to any students who have been identified as witnesses to the bullying.

Any retaliation against a student who reports an incident of bullying is prohibited.

Upon the recommendation of the administration, the board may, in response to an identified case of bullying, decide to transfer a student found to have engaged in bullying to another classroom at the campus. In consultation with the student’s parent, the student may also be transferred to another campus in the district. The parent of a student who has been determined by the district to be a victim of bullying may request that the student be transferred to another classroom or campus within the district.

"David's Law"

Senate Bill 179, also known as “David’s Law,” was signed into law by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in the summer of 2017. This law is aimed at combating and preventing cyberbullying and other forms of bullying/harassment.

This new law requires school districts to include cyberbullying in their district’s anti-bullying policies and to notify a child’s parents if he or she is a victim or alleged aggressor of bullying. The law allows schools to combat and prevent cyberbullying by investigating off-campus cyber-assisted bullying if it materially affects the school environment. It provides for schools to collaborate with law enforcement when serious or life-threatening cyberbullying situations arise.

Marshall ISD has created a reporting form that can be accessed by clicking here. This form provides an anonymous tip line that will allow students, parents, and community members to communicate with your district or school about pressing issues, including potential cyberbullying or other forms of harassment. Each tip will be properly investigated through proper channels within the school district.

Tips are sent using the online form on the website. When sending a tip, the submitter will select the relevant school or topic which best describes their tip and then enter a tip message. If tip submitters want to include their contact information, there are fields that allow you to do so, but a submitter may remain completely anonymous. Authorized users in Marshall ISD can then log on and view the information.

Thank you for your support of MISD, and please know that our ultimate goal is to provide a safe, healthy learning environment for all of our students.