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Fall Grant Application for 2022 Is Open!

Thank you to each Teacher and Administrator who Applied!

The Marshall Education Foundation is excited to announce that the Fall Grant Application is now open. Grants will be given to each of the following content areas: Math, Science, ELA, CTE, Fine Arts, History, and Physical Education. Grants can be awarded as a group or to individual teachers. Put your thinking caps on and let us know what you need to finish the year strong!

Marshall Education Foundation wants you to apply to receive a grant today! The Fall Grant Application will close September 16, 2022.

Apply Today

Do you have a great idea to help your students? Is that idea designed to assist and foster student learning and better classroom outcomes, results or the classroom environment? We want to hear from you. This generosity from our community was given to help you make your ideas a reality in the classroom and at your School


Back the Mavs – 2021 T-Shirts

We are so excited to offer another terrific t-shirt design to support our dedicated Marshall students and educators!

When ordering different sizes you will need to complete the online form for your first order (Size, Student Name, Campus Name, and Teacher name), select “Add to Cart” then at the bottom select “Continue Shopping” to add additional sizes to your order. Once you have them all added, select “Checkout” and proceed to payment. Unfortunately the company had to include a Pick Up location on the website but there is a small note at the bottom stating “Please note that all orders will be delivered to MISD Campuses”.

If you are not in a classroom, please put your name as “Student Name”, your location (LRC, ADMIN, ANNEX, etc) as the “Campus Name” and your area (HR, Front Desk, Cafeteria, etc.) as your “Teacher Name” on the order so I will know where to deliver. For example my form would look like this:

Student Name: Jessica Scott
Campus Name: ADMIN
Teacher Name: Community Engagement

Ordering closes on Oct 11, 2021!

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