Joseph Brinker

Director of Transportation


1205 W Emory

Marshall, TX 75671

Traversa Ride 360

The Traversa Ride 360 mobile app provides secure access to student routing information, student scans as well as current bus location and planned bus paths*.

Ride 360 provides quick access to your child’s routing information, which can include the bus stop, route, driver and bus number. Ride 360 can also utilize GPS data to give parents and guardians access to information on where their child’s school bus is, the planned bus path and what time it is expected to be at their scheduled bus stop. School districts may also send notifications to subscribed users of Ride 360 to inform them of general information such as school closings and delays.

Address Change Notice

Please contact your child's school first after and address change. Allow 48 hours notice for change to take place. After the 48 hours, please contact Transportation

joseph brinker

Joseph Brinker

Director of Transportation

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Urica Logan

Administrative Assistant for Transportation