Employee Badge

Once you have completed all required paperwork and the HR staff has you entered into the systems, you will be issued an Employee Badge. Your badge must be worn at all times and will be your access into your specific building. The Human Resources Department is available from 8:00am - 4:00pm to take photo and print employee badges. You may call ahead to have your badge pre-printed if you are currently in the badge system and no photo is required. For multiple campus badge access to a building, your supervisor must fill out the following form:

FAQ About Badges:

Can I get a new badge if I lose mine?

Yes, there will be a $5 charge (Cash and exact change) for new badges that are lost. If you lose your badge you must report it to Angela Herrera in HR at dardend@marshallisd.com or call at 903-927-8704 immediately. However if your badge is more than five years old, the district will give you a complimentary badge and new picture.

Can my badge deactivate?

Yes, If your badge is near a cell phone, magnet, etc, it can deactivate. If this happens you will need to buy a new badge from HR.

How long does it take for my badge to be activated?

It should take an hour for a badge to be activated, however some badges may take 24 hours to activate.


Daniela Darden

Substitute Specialist