Attention Sam Houston STEM Parents/Guardians:

Beginning Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Sam Houston STEM will begin a new drop-off pattern in order to help alleviate the length of time in the car rider line.

Kinder-2nd, or if a car contains Kinder-5th, grade students - (No changes) Continue to approach the campus from Harper Drive. Please have your students prepared to exit the car once you approach the drop-off location. Once through the car drop-off line, turn right onto Travis St. and exit onto Hwy.31 next to Eastern Hills Church of Christ.

NEW! Any car with only 3rd-5th Graders: Car riders in 3rd-5th grade will continue to approach the school heading south on Indian Springs Rd. Parents may drop their students off in the area BETWEEN THE ORANGE CONES on the road near the stop sign. All car riders MUST exit the car on the school side of the street. No one is allowed to drop off children from a car that is headed north on Indian Springs Rd. Please have your students prepared to exit the car at the drop-off location. Once out of the car, they are to walk through the gate and proceed to the east side door of the school. Once your child has exited the car, please attempt to move into the traffic pattern and approach the stop sign so that other cars may move into the drop-off zone. Once at the stop sign, proceed straight or turn left onto Travis St. DO NOT TURN RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL; this space is for our K-2nd grade drop-offs and buses.

Reminder: The east entrance is not covered with an awning; on rainy days, students should be dressed appropriately in water-resistant jackets, shoes, umbrellas, the parent chooses.

Staff and volunteers will be positioned at all car and bus rider drop-off locations to guide students and provide a safe environment.

Afternoon dismissal procedures will remain the same.

We will monitor this process for the first six weeks and modify as needed.